Angler's Catch Report

Anglers Catch Report  
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18/01/18 Anglers often ask me how the lake is fishing, well the honest answer is I've no idea. Take yesterday for example, I stocked the lake on Thursday last week, the weather improved, the catches were going up and no one had fished the day before but 3 anglers only managed one fish and that was a 14lb rainbow. So today you would be saying it's not fishing very well but Michael Bollands had this salmon on his third cast this morning, worth braving the 10 inches of snow that lies in Durham where he resides.
16/01/18 Catches are on the up. Richard Silberbauer and Marc O'Regan caught 6 salmon between them yesterday.
12/01/18 We're back to damp calm weather which always seems to put the salmon off the take. There are still some good fish still landed however, like this double figure salmon caught by Keith Truscott yesterday.
10/01/18 Tony Nockolds came up from Devon for two days fishing and was rewarded with these three salmon and this 17lb tiger.
07/01/18 These three fish were caught in the first hour yesterday.
05/01/18 Although the fishing is slow, the quality of fish caught is high. Yesterday Malcolm Bevan caught the two 12 pounders on the below left and Steve Radford landed this 14lb tiger on the right. Fishing very slow and deep is the technique with a smallish lure or natural like a gold head daddy. 
30/12/17 All the fish were caught late on again today. This is James Punch from Northampton with his first ever salmon.
27/01/17 If you pack up and go home early you will miss the sport at the moment. Malcolm Proctor caught two at 4pm including this one so I left him fishing on until dark last night.
26/12/17 Mark Corps was one of our first anglers and he came came to fish here on the 23rd of December, nine years and one day after his first visit. He had an excellent day catching his limit of six, his dad Barry (left) also took home three salmon.
23/12/17 Catches have slowed recently, the lake could do with a good gale to freshen up the water after the ice. Nevertheless most anglers are taking home fish. Steven Baggott sent me in these two photos of salmon caught on silver humungus and black gold head buzzer. You will notice the 9lb 12oz rainbow in the foreground. I am stocking a sprinkling of large trout but they don't count unless killed. Merry Christmas to all who read this.
19/12/2017  I have kept a few tigers from last year to grow on and there have been two 16 pounders caught in the last week. Here is Alex Hunt with his, an ounce over 16lb. I stocked a bigger one than this yesterday!
13/12/17 David Martin emailed me this  picture of his three fine salmon in the snow today.
11/12/17 Only three intrepid anglers made it through the snow to fish today but they were all rewarded with a catch. Mick Williams centre did best with three salmon, one of which was caught on a pink booby snake of all things.  Whatever type of fly will be dreamt up next!
08/12/17 Here is a picture of today's four salmon, they seem to be caught later in the day at the moment although that is when the bright sunshine has gone. The killer fly today was a green and olive snake.
06/12/17 Below is Phil Barker with the first salmon of the day yesterday, but today one angler had none, so catches have slowed considerably. This being the case, I swung into action today and put some more stock in and I'm doing the same tomorrow.
04/12/17 This is Bill Shields and Andy Waring with Bill's first fish of the day. A gold humungus fished deep was the killer fly in the bright sunshine that followed the fog.
02/12/17 Gregg Hartley was the only angler to visit yesterday and he was hoping to be finished by 3pm. Well he had his limit by 11am which doesn't make a whole days entertainment, but I think most anglers would settle for that rather than end a cold December day fishless.

01/12/17 I was a bit apprehensive on the first day back at school seeing as the salmon had only been stocked 2 days earlier but at 9.45am Mike Green landed the first salmon of the season. Four anglers ended up with 13 salmon between them.

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